PSICOM’s anime magazine

Otaku Asia is a 96-page full color magazine covering various interests of an otaku such as anime, manga, game, j-music, conventions, cosplay, food and art written for the Philippine audience. With pages and pages of reviews, tutorials, games, tips and write-ups, readers are bound to enjoy the magazine and look forward for another issue of pure fun and creativity. Being up-to-date with the latest local conventions and featuring the hottest anime and all things Japan, Otaku Asia is made for every otaku out there.

Published by PSICOM Publishing Inc., Otaku Asia is the country’s first otaku lifestyle magazine circulated nationwide. With wide and stable readership, Otaku Asia is now considered as one of the top sources of information on a variety of products, aiming to captivate the younger market of today.

Otaku Asia

Target Demographic: Otafans comprise of male (40%) and female (60%), 13-25 years old
Circulation: 8,000
Pass-on Readership: 4
Total Monthly Readership: 18,000-24,000
Frequency: 10x a year
There are two double month issues: May-June to celebrate the magazine’s own event, O-kun Fiesta and August-September as a special cosplay issue.
There will be no April and June issues.
Distribution: Bookstores, supermarkets, newsstands, convenience stores
Size: 5.75 x 8.25 inches
Cover Price: P100


Feature sections:

Special mentions and cover-worthy articles

  • Cover Anime – the featured anime of the month with review, character descriptions and musical score
  • Cosplayer – interview feature of a local cosplayer of recognition
  • Movie Reel – anime turned movie, live action, or original Japanese movie that you just can’t miss
  • Hot Anime – the most watched, most talked about and most interesting anime of the season, dissected
  • Con-in-Focus – post write-up on an event, convention, festival or gathering
  • Lokal’taku – local anime, artist, group, etc. that has contributed to the otaku community of the Philippines
  • Seiyuu’s Mic – Like seiyuu? We have their details and achievements

Tutorial sections:

  • Art of Otaku  – tutorial, tips or shortcuts for the mangaka-to-be
  • Otaku Life Hacks – guides, tips or tutorials for the average otaku
  • Manabimasu – basic and easy Nihongo lessons!

Culture sections:

  • Bento Box – food articles, recipes or restaurant review of Japanese cuisines
  • Just Japan – article or infographic of various Japanese tradition and culture
  • Seiyuu’s Mic get to know the voices behind your favorite anime or game characters
  • Sinnichi – events all over the metro on Japanese culture

Review sections:

  • Otakugoodies – anime, gaming merchandise, figma, clay art, wigs, bags, key chains and the likes
  • Manga – mangas that you will follow no matter what, manga recommendations and the bizzare
  • Anime – hot off the TV screen, reviews of the newly released anime TV shows of the season
  • #throwback – those anime from the past that new otakus must and should watch
  • Gamer’s Arena – review of the latest or the upcoming otaku games, consoles and toys