R: Bandai’s Gudetama x Tamagotchi Nano

It was September 2017 when they announced that Tamagotchi will be releasing a collaboration with Sanrio. The character involved? None other than the “lazy egg”, Gudetama. I got mine pre-ordered by Hubbyte Toy Store for 1450Php and by the time it came to my hands, the price had gone up to 1700Php. Learn to pre-order, kids. I got the Cover Set Gudetama Egg ver. as opposed to the other set, Cover Set Osuwari Gudetama Ver. because… I like white. When we pre-ordered, there was also no note of what kind of Tamagotchi it would be (Mix, Nano, Mini or others). Even though I haven’t seen an actual site referring to this product as a Nano, many believe it is as it functions like one.

The Tamagotchi

I’m the type to read the manual so forgive me if I skip some details because I’m going to assume you’ve read the manual. Despite this product having the “Not intended for sales in USA, Canada or Europe” warning, the instructions are in both Nihongo and English.

Gudetama? (top left) and Iroiro (top right), Gudetama Egg silicon (bottom left) and Osuwari silicon (bottom right)

There are two versions: Gudetama?, a plain yellow Tamagotchi with his face at the top and Iroiro, a white Tamagotchi with several Gudetama printed on the sides. I chose the Gudetama? version mainly because it looks like the yolk itself (meaning, Gudetama’s body). The Iroiro version looks like a hard boiled egg and the Gudetama images around the screen are not quite appealing to me.

Upon detaching the insulation flake, you will have to push the reset button at the back. I used a paper clip since the instructions warned about using sharp objects like toothpick and safety pins. The game relies on time so you will have to set the time and be mindful of the AM/PM as I made a mistake myself. The game is on a 12-hour setting rather than the 24-hr I was used to. You will hear a beep and another when the egg is cracked and hatched.

Since it’s basically a Tamagotchi Nano, there are three phases after the egg is hatched: Infant – Adult – Separation. There are the A, B and C buttons: A to open the menu/ to choose, B to select/ to see the time, C to check Gudetama’s status/ return. The instructions recommended you periodically click C even without Gudetama beeping because he might be too lazy to beep even though he’s dying. Same.



There is only one look for the Infant period which is a small Gudetama wearing a bonnet peering out of half the egg shell. His animation is pretty simple too. Take note that he is an infant and his status may not mean anything coherent words since they kinda translate to something along ‘lazy‘ or ‘free time‘. However, I’ve found the pattern where he gets satisfied:

らぶらぶ = Gudetama is normal.

ひま… =  Give him Tomato – Press A [たべもの ] B then A [トマト] B

しよう… = Give him Soy Sauce – Press A [たべもの ] B then B [しょうゆ]

The tomato will increase his happiness while the soy sauce will feed him. When he’s not in a bad mood, you can play a Hide and Seek game! Press A twice [ゲーム] then B.

The Hide and Seek game is available at any period as long as he’s not being eaten, sleepy, in a bad mood or dying. Here there are two eggs and you guess where he is hiding by pressing A [left egg] or B [right egg]. Gudetama will be happy if you guess it right five times and will shame you if you don’t. Mine covered his eyes and probably tried to forget he knows me.


The official website for the toy says that the game allows the player to hatch different kinds of Gudetama. Gudetama will beep enthusiastically and will turn into a full grown egg. For me, this happened after 20 hours of care.

One of the reasons that the Tamagotchi will beep is when someone is about to eat Gudetama. You will see a pair of chopsticks on the right-hand corner pulling Gudetama away. Shoo it off by pressing button A. Otherwise, the game will fast forward to the Separation period or Gudetama will have a bad temper.

Another beep might tell you that it is time to go to sleep. For me, it was between 7pm-9pm that Gudetama got sleepy. Now, the menu will change to turning ON/OFF the light. You cannot feed or play with him. Press A twice [あふ] then B. The screen would go black with a single Z. He didn’t wake me up until around 6am-8am.

あー… だいぃ… = Normal mode… normal lazy

しょう = Give him Soy Sauce – Press A [たべもの ] B then B [しょうゆ]

ひーまー = Give him Tomato – Press A [たべもの ] B then A [トマト] B

[to be continued… I’m still at this stage]

Initial Review

I forgot to mention that what I bought is a set. The packaging included a silicon protector. The Gudetama? version only comes with the Gudetama Egg. The Iroiro will get the Osuwari which is a bigger silicon case in the shape of Gudetama sitting up. This pairing was kinda sad because I did not like the Iroiro but I wanted the Osuwari silicon case. Hnnnngg….

Physically, the toy was something I could lose one day. Even though I’m not a clumsy person, this is very small. The Nano is 66% smaller than the regular Tamagotchi but only second smallest to the Mini so I thank heavens this wasn’t a Mini. I also don’t trust ball chains but it was what came with the toy so I added a phone chain. These are just my own tips because I strongly felt like I was going to misplace it or that it will fall down and break.

Before anything else, let me drop some cons that I took note of. First of all was the text which is in Hiragana. Hiragana is very curvy and swirly as opposed to the straight slashes and lines of the Katakana. This makes the pixel text challenging to read. The screen is already small and they use a lot of dakuten and combination hiragana. As a self-taught reader, I click button C again to check if I got his message right. The text also marquees across the screen from the right quite fast. Maybe normal reading speed for a Nihongo literate but for me… I miss. Second was the tiny beep. I haven’t had a Tamagotchi for years and I feel like this beep was too faint. Maybe it came with the Nano that if the body was small, the beep was also small?

Price is kinda high. I admit this is a splurge for me. Even though I am a SUKI of Hubbyte and I paid the pre-order SUKI price, I still feel like I could have gone away with a whole Nendoroid for the same amount. I just remind myself that I have a legit updated Tamagotchi.

The game itself is proving very fun. I haven’t felt bored yet. Unlike the mobile games I’m playing where I lose track of time just leveling up, Tamagotchi don’t need much attention. Although the manual told me to check his status every now and then, it wasn’t hard to keep him from dying. It’s like remembering to drink water every now and then. It also won’t wake you in the middle of the night which is great! Gudetama isn’t high maintenance.

When I picked up the toy from Hubbyte, I met with a friend who was strongly against my purchase saying I “will only use two useful buttons, two modes” which I’m guessing he meant Gudetama being either hungry and bad mood. This is comparing it to the regular Tamagotchi or even the Tamagotchi Mix. This I feel is unfair since it’s a Nano.

Tamagotchi Nano as mentioned has only three periods. However, its Adult period and Separation period form can differ depending on the quality of care given to the previous egg or during the Infant period. The website teases six variations of Adult period including a Secret character. Forgive my translation but I understood that there will be up to 20 variations of the Separation period??

20 varieties of cooked Gudetama in Separation period


I’m going to catch hatch them all.

[I’ll finish at hatch two eggs before giving a final verdict…]