R: Hataraku Onii-san! is Really Entertaining

working bros

We know Good Smile Company (GSC) as a Japanese hobby goods manufacturer and is responsible for many Nendoroids, scale figures and figmas of anime and pop culture characters. Have you ever heard of them producing anime? Now you will.

Hataraku Oniisan! or Working Buddies! is a television anime shorts with only five-minute running time. The story tells of an orange tabby named Tapio Chatorazawa (Kentarō Tomita) and a Russian blue cat Kuehiko Roshihara (Takuya Mizoguchi) who are in college and trying out various odd jobs.

After watching the first few episodes, we absolutely loved it. Character design and the art style was really unique to us. We appreciated the humor of each episode as well! The opening and closing animation were very interesting and creative. We can see the studio having fun with this anime. The extra characters also get very interesting every time they get introduced. You get curious about them. We ultimately concluded that the koala or The Animal With the Ineffable Name (Tomokazu Sugita), is actually the star of the show.

We wonder when GSC will come out with their new toys for these characters because we are surely interested.