E: What to Expect on GameCon 2018

gamecon ph

We got you the deets on the latest GameCon 2018 update!! Last time we wrote about the two-day workshop held in GameCon with GDAP and IGDA: read it here. Now, we tell you about the event itself and what will happen inside Megatrade Hall 2 on February 10 to 11.

GameCon 2018

gamecon 2018

Now powered by Logitech G and OMEN by HP with Smart, the new event from Red Wizard Events Management is bringing games to the family, community and the gaming industry themselves. GameCon 2018 is a venue where the Philippines can be better educated on the different aspects of game and play.

First of all, expect Free To Play areas ranging from the arcade, board games, pc, mobile and even the non digital. Freebies from partners and sponsors are little somethings to look forward to. Sponsors will also be showcasing their products and gadgets for every gamer and making them available for purchase. There are also the raffles to watch out so you are definitely not wasting your P160 for one day pass or P270 for the two-day pass.

Announced was also their Fun Show-Matches that are purely for fun and enjoyment for both new and old players. Games featured were Dungeons and Dragons, Dance Dance Revolution, League of Legends, Magic the Gathering, Scythe and the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. Of course there will also be tournaments for the tabletop games, esports, mobile games and cosplay competition organized by Cosplay Network PH.

Garena will also be giving away Arena of Valor codes for new players who entered Gamecon 2018! Current players can also come join them on their booth! You will be playing alongside their brand ambassadress, Lhea Bernardino. Looking forward to this. On my way to the presscon I was actually beside someone playing the game.

Hearing all this is all very well. Finally, we are down to the last 9 days of waiting for the event to come!! We are very excited and happy to be a part of GameConPH 2018!

Gamecon 2018 Cosplay Competition 

gamecon 2018

The event is a gaming event, therefore, cosplayer may cosplay any GAME character. This includes games across video platforms and traditional.  The costume should not constitute hentai, ecchi or any provocative and scandalous costumes.

Registration at 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm *Look for the Registration Booth inside the event venue

Ticket holders aged 7 and above are allowed to join this competition.
There will ONLY be 50 slots available for Solo Category.
Pair-Team Cosplay will only accommodate 6 teams (composed of 2-3 members). Submit supporting audio to the organizers upon registration.

3 major awards:

  • Solo Best In-Costume 
  • Solo Best In-Character 
  • Pair-Group Competition Best Skit

Solo Competitors will be given 30 seconds to 1 minute to showcase their costume and may include a skit as long as it will fit the time frame allotted. Pair-Group Competitors will be given 2 – 3 minutes to present a skit.

Requirements needed for submission for all Participants: (on February 11)

  1. Completely filled-up Registration Form 
  2. Contestant’s signed waiver 
  3. Parent’s consent (if minor) 
  4. Photocopy of ID 
  5. Music/audio file of skit in mp3 or wav format 
  6. Printed copy of Character Reference (for non-online submissions) 

Therefore, failure to submit any of the above mentioned requirements will render the registration void.

P5,000 each category winners plus surprise minor prizes awaits!

Otaku Asia is an official Media Partner of GameCon 2018