N: Chris Brown Reposts a Cosplay Photo Without Credit

Miles Morales

… is my title but this isn’t about Brown at all. This is about cosplayer Miles Morales (@CosPlayNay) who dons a Spider-Man costume. Several Spider-Man costumes. A lot.

On January 23, Morales posted a new photo of his take on a frame from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse movie trailer. With the credits Photography/Edit by @jscosplayphotog (Instagram) and Pattern by @brandonogilberto :

Not long after, singer Chris Brown reposted the photo on his Instagram but with a few things missing: the watermark and a credit. Morales DMed the singer thanking him on the repost and asking to give credit. Brown, on the other hand, thought that he was giving Morales and his photographer service by reposting without credit calling Morales and cosplayers “starving ass artists” and “dweebs“.

Morales DMed a second time clearing that fame and money wasn’t the issue but giving due credit. The singer replies through a subgram telling artists to not “BITCH AND MOAN ABOUT A TAG!!!”. The singer has then deleted his repost and has unfollowed Morales on Instagram.

Read Miles Morales’ whole recount of the exchange below:

Morales likes recreating Marvel’s official art and fanart into his cosplay photos. Just like how he recreated this art by our very own Wizyakuza.

Notice how he 1) did not crop Wizyakuza’s art on his “Side by Side” and 2) mentioned the artist and his photographer in the post? #CreditTheArtist