B: We Bought Tickets!! BLush Con

BLush Con is bacc. Sorry, that meme is over but we never know when things come back even after sad goodbyes. BLush Con 2016 “At Your Service” was hailed to be the last BLush Convention. But, to the cheers of many, they are returning this year as “After School” to teach you how it’s done.

BLush Con Details

February 10, Saturday from 11 am to 7pm
Venue is the Elements at Eton Centris

BLush Con

Tickets are available: Regular PHP 300 and limited to 300 tickets, Premiere PHP 500
These will only be available for purchase online and until Feb 7.
Attendees must either be of legal age (+18) or accompanied by a legal guardian with ticket. No refunds.

BL means Boys Love (yaoi ボーイズ ラブ) is a genre in Japanese fictional literature focusing on romantic or sexual relationships between male characters. Manga and short novels became very popular in 1990’s Japan and was later shared to the rest of the world. This sudden demand for the genre gave birth to anime, otome games and novels that we enjoy today. Artists started making dojinshi (fan fiction) of their favorite characters (of a non-yaoi series) so events like BLush Con, Yaoi Con and Comiket gives creators a way to sell their works! Fans like us get to buy art and support both the artist and the fandom!


With eight announced guests, our purchase of Premiere passes just got better. These are a number of local and international BL creators that will no doubt make BLush Con 2018 a great experience:

Mazjojo is an immensely popular and superbly talented creator from Indonesia! Come see his new company Herculion’s works~

Mstrmagnolia is a uniquely creative and highly popular creator from Malaysia!

Jin is a popular cosplayer and highly sought after creator from the Philippines!

Rachel Huey88 is a seriously gifted and massively popular creator from Malaysia!

Peggyshrooms is a multidisciplinary creator and highly-talented cosplayer!

Minoru Joeling is a much-sought after artist and creator with a huge regional fanbase!

Kuso Taisa is a superbly artistic and wonderfully productive creator from Indonesia!

kiDChan is a hugely talented and massively popular creator from Malaysia!

With a lineup like this, we expect SO MUCH BL??? Find them all (and more) at BLush Con this year!
Facebook: facebook.com/BlushCon/