N: Goodbye Rational Decisions


That is it. Lazada wins at life and I am about to start making bad decisions.


Online retail market, Lazada announced that it will sell select items from Alibaba’s Taobao marketplace to customers in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Earlier this year, the Singapore-based e-commerce has already began selling Taobao products in Singapore and Malaysia.

The Taobao group was founded through the Alibaba Group, as one of the many ways where consumer-to-consumer can be done easily and progressively. The online site provides a new and improved way for online shopping in the Philippines, not only through the local brands, but also through other products sold exclusively in Asia. Experience a new form of convenient and Effortless Shopping through the LAZADA – Taobao Collection, now available in the country, all at the best prices possible.



Taobao is a growing market in the cosplay community as the online seller of premium cosplay materials, accessories, wigs, shoes and complete costumes. Many costumes require specific and/ or printed fabrics and are hard to recreate through painting. Many China based Filipinos found that there is a demand and started offering middle-man service to cosplayers. By late 2015, the word ‘Taobao’ rung in every cosplayer’s ears.

Despite the high cost of Taobao-sold costumes (as it would add tax, shipping and handling fees), cosplayers are willing to pay for the high-quality and hard-to-come-by costumes.

By offering products from the Taobao Collection to its lineup, Lazada would be able to provide an online shopping experience to SEA countries that is both localized and tailor-fit for its potential shoppers’ demographic. Apart from this, Lazada also announced that it would be offering its trademark cash-on-delivery option to products coming from the Taobao Collection, which would most likely be a hit with consumers. (source)

“This is a true testament to the way the Lazada and Alibaba teams have come together to build the business in a fast and efficient way combining consumer insights, technology know-how and local expertise,” said Aimone Ripa di Meana, Lazada’s chief marketplace officer.

As of writing, Taobao collection is already online. The official launch will be in 5 days.