E: Meet the Guests ♪ of Kontrabida Ball

The guests have been announced… well most of them as there are still surprise guests. It has become a Kontrabida tradition that they announce a guest every night. We have put together the first of many guests:

Joel Minas | CP Coulter | Loki Heart

kontrabida ball

Professional skater and Yuri Katsuki cosplayer, Joel Minas first guested in Box Five’s Born To Make History event. He also performed on ice for the event’s pre party, Hear My Heartbeat. Since, he has been spotted attending various local conventions. Just recently, he attended Comic Fiesta’s Anime on Ice in Malaysia. Skating to new heights, he will be present at the Kontrabida ball as- who? We wonder…

kontrabida ball

Urban Dictionary defines her as a fanfiction author and locals know her as make-up artiste (look for her #warpaintadventures). Behold, CP Coulter will be gracing the ball! *green flames bellows from bellow* Expect a runway-worthy display of make up and breathtaking costume just for the night. Get to meet the author of Dalton, model and cosplayer at the Kontabida ball~

kontrabida ball

She makes costumes!! Cakes!! Props!! Organizes events!! Once the cover of Otaku Asia (Issue 37), Loki Heart will be attending Kontrabida Ball. How she makes it all happen, we don’t know but she sure is wicked artistic and very talented. Make sure to attend the ball to meet her!

Daryl Reynes | Patricio Villalobos | Dale Villanueva

kontrabida ball kontrabida ball kontrabida ball

Sadly, I did not attend RFA Cafe but you might have and if you do, you’d know them as Zen, Jumin and Yoosung. AND if you didn’t get to meet them, well, your chance is Octobers’ Friday the 13th, One Cafe and Event’s Place… Kontrabida Ball

Kune Delgado | Gelo Grayson | Dinny Grayson

kontrabida ball

She has had celebrities under her brushes and prime models in-front of her lens. Cosplayer, fashion photographer, hair and make-up artist, Kune Delgado is gracing Kontrabida Ball.

kontrabida ball

Notorious for hyping Overwatch Genji’s butt during cosplay events, Gelo Grayson is fun, creative and artistic. His roomful of LED lights and rubber sheet shavings are nothing but proof of his hard work. Meet the man himself at Kontabida Ball!

kontrabida ball

Still not convinced the ball is the pace to be? Maybe the artist, cosplayer and alien (?), Dinny Grayson will convince you! Dinny Grayson comes from her nickname and the last name of her favorite comic book character, Richard “Dick” Grayson. (sauce) Meet her at Kontrabida Ball!!

phew. so many. is this the end? NO! MORE GUESTS!!

Elcid Lao | Kristell Lim

kontrabida ball

Talk about monetizing your strengths. Youtuber, singer, social media influencer Elcid Lao will be attending the event!

kontrabida ball

Cosplay boss and actual boss (of Authority Hoodie!) Kristell Lim is back in local event action. Mixing sexy and sweet, the boss will surely make you attend the ball.

For now, that is all… more treats for bad kids later.

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