E: Ready Your Black Lipstick for Kontrabida Ball

You might want to think again about renting your costume this Halloween. If you haven’t checked, October 13 is a Friday this year and there is an event brewing over at One Cafe and Events Place, Ortigas. Kontrabida Ball, from the creators of Born To Make History: A Yuri!!! on ICE Fan Gathering and internationally acclaimed cosplayer Liui Aquino, is not your typical Halloween costume party.

Kontrabida Ball

kontrabida ball

Created for you, millennials, Kontrabida Ball is designed to be a unique event experience, meaningful and (of course) less mainstream. In our circle, cosplay is the game. Remembered only during Halloween by the non-otaku for a quick costume rent. So where is the Halloween for us otaku, cosplayers, hobbyists? Cosplay is an art of expression and creativity and where else can you enjoy this than with like-minded friends in an event like Kontabida Ball.


The least you could spend is just P350! However, higher tier tickets gets to eat at the buffet, enjoy bottomless drinks and booze! This is a +18 only event so feel free to walwal! Amazing, right? (clicky image!)

kontrabida ball

This Party is Lit

With official hashtag #kontrabidaball2017 the party starts after hours 8:00pm-12:00mn and is strictly for +18 only. A night of good food, better drinks, and the best, baddest people you will ever meet. Expect bottomless cocktails, cocktail dinner buffet, costume contest (of course) and more yet to be announced!

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