N: Tokyo 2020 Ondo is Our New Favorite Song

In Tokyo 2020 news, the Tokyo2020 FB page has released the official video for the rendition of Tokyo Gorin Ondo (Tokyo Olympic Song) as the Tokyo 2020 Ondo . We have watched it and almost cried. Ondo are amazing ok? (Enka are fine too)


Folks who have been in Japan for some time have most likely hears this type of music at festivals. It’s a form of joyous Japanese swing enka (2/2 rhythm) with a singer warbling the lyrics. Accompanied by a high-pitched chorus and traditional instruments such as a taiko drum. The ondo beat has been used to celebrate certain geographical areas, events and even anime (Doraemon Ondo).

The video features a full-length version of the song and accompanying choreography. Singers and dancers are wearing Tokyo 2020 yukata summer kimonos. The original Tokyo Gorin Ondo song was written and recorded for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 1964 by Takashi Miyata and Masao Koga. In the hope of engaging younger generations, Tokyo 2020 has commissioned a reproduction of the song. They have updated lyrics and a new arrangement, performed by Japanese celebrity singers Sayuri Ishikawa, Yuzo Kayama and Pistol Takehara, all of whom feature in the video.

We’ve tried to bring fresh life to the Tokyo Gorin Ondo song with a more uplifting arrangement and updated choreography. I have a good feeling that fun summers are on their way, and that this song and the dance can help take our minds off the stresses of daily life.

Yuichi Kodama, director of the music video

With brand new choreography, this makes the song easier for people of varying physical abilities to dance along to. Elements of the choreography is inspired by the movements of the newly added Olympic sports – karate, baseball/softball, sport climbing, skateboarding, surfing – and the new Paralympic sports of badminton and taekwondo.

(translation for the song to follow)

source: http://aroundtherings.com/