R: Cry… AGAIN!

If you still didn’t know, the live action adaptation of the manga, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is screening in local cinemas. The OA team watched it in SM Mall of Asia along with some of our contributors. The drama is based on the manga by Naoshi Arakawa and directed by Takehiko Shinjo. The main characters, Kosei Arima and Kaori Miyazono are played by Kento Yamazaki and Suzu Hirose respectively.


Your Lie in April

First of all, I would like to emphasize the casting of the Prince of Shoujo Manga Movies, Kento-san who has starred as male lead in many… several movie adaptations like L-DK, Orange, Wolf Girl and Black Prince he will also be in One Week Friends. I had expectations and he did not fail to deliver at all. The anime took out many scenes from the manga in order to focus on the relationship of Kosei and Kaori but at the same time gave enough to explain the latter’s relationship with his mother and Kaori’s sickness. While the scenes progressed faster than in the manga/ anime, every point was well explained letting even non-manga readers to understand what was going on.

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On our Facebook page, I have already mentioned how I was touched by the lighting and cinematography of the movie. The lighting. The scenes were bright and clearly wants to give you a feeling of spring and how manga scenes would look like. My favorite would be the rooftop where the color blue-green gave this cool setting that makes you want to lie there throughout your break time. Sadly, we do not have an image of it yet. How they focus on the characters was lovely as well and it made me think that every scene could be a proper screenshot and tell a story on its own.


When the movie was first announced, there were fans wishing that Kaori be portrayed as blonde. However, this would not be a realistic setting anymore and after the movie, her hair color didn’t matter as Suzu-chan did very well with the role and made us all feel all sorts of feels for the character. She and Kento even had piano lessons prior to filming. Speaking of filming, they only filmed the whole movie in a month!


It’s been a while since we watched the anime and read the manga so there were scenes that we have forgotten and our team called ‘doujin’ since we thought they were added scenes original to the movie… but we were wrong. Everything was in the manga… wait, was the line “Whether you can or can’t, is up for the girl to decide” in the manga? Some lines were added to better explain the plot points. It made us feel like we were experiencing the story the first time again. But it was just as beautiful and captivating the third time around.

kimiuso_still02 kimiuso_still03

As for the ending that we all know too well, the other movie goers behind us who were whispering throughout the movie suddenly went quiet during Kosei’s performance. It just goes to show how intense the scene was and how it moves anyone. But we all thought that the last scene could have been better but the part with Kosei, Tsubaki and Watari in the music room was written to show that nothing has changed but also that something changed after Kaori entered their lives.

So, what color is your world right now?

Source: Shigatsu wa Kimo no Uso official site