R: PID’s Prince of Stride team jackets!!

Perry in Disguise is a clothing company creating anime and pop culture inspired jackets that are affordable to anyone in a regular PH anime convention. They have released many head-turning jackets through their 5-year run from when they started in 2012. PID has created a partnership with us, Otaku Asia so we get to see their new hoodie from winter anime, Prince of Stride.


Prince of Stride is first an otome game by Kadokawa Games for PlayStation Vita. The game is based on a fictional sport of “stride”, sort of like parkour. The series revolves around a team of six from Hōnan Academy to run a relay race through a town. An anime television series adapted the story entitles Prince of Stride: Alternative by Madhouse.

To be frank, I am not a follower of the series. Meaning I am not anticipating every new episode each week and instead is waiting for the series to end so I could watch it from start to finish in one fell swoop. I did watch the first episode when it came out and it was interesting. Parkour is fun to watch in Youtube so it was the same in anime. I can’t help but compare the characters to Free! characters since Takeru could be Haru and Nana as Gou.

What I know is that their jerseys are supposed to be breezy and coll since their sport requires them to run around unlike track and field where there is a track…and field… what?

The Team Jacket

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First we look at Hōnan’s jacket on Takeru Fujiwara, the famous stride player back in middle school and is now a member of Hōnan Stride Club. Their jacket is mostly white with blue and red lines along the shoulder to the elbow. Their club is small and this meant little to no sponsors to place in their jersey. Unlike the Saisei jacket who has a Valentine Records logo over the chest. Saisei or Galaxy Standard is a stride team who the main characters rival with very early in the series. They are an idol band as well which is why they have Reiji Suwa.

The jackets are in quality fabrics that not only keeps you warm but also follows the inspiration. You might even use these during actual games.

If you will come to Cosplay Carnival this weekend, stop by the Perry in Disguise booth for they will be selling these jackets and more!

Here are some more images:

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