R: Fairy Tail is basically people hanging at a bar

That came from Fairy Tail creator himself in this Kodansha Interview.

In kodanshacomics.com, they feature a creator every now and then. This time we got none other than the big shot, Hiro Mashima. In the interview made by Misaki C. Kido, Hiro stated that he loves and is fascinated by the whole process of making manga.

Hiro Mashima

Born in 1977 and debuted as a manga-ka (manga artist) in 1998. His first long-running series, Rave Master, ran in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 1999 to 2005. He serialized his current series, Fairy Tail, in the same magazine since 2006. When Fairy Tail was adapted as an anime series in 2009, it became a global hit. Other renowned works includes Monster Hunter Orage, Monster Soul, and Mashima-en.

Fairy Tail

In the interview, Hiro was asked about working in a story set in a fantasy world, It’s actually harder for me to work on a story that’s set in real life, because there are a lot of restrictions. For example, in a real-life setting, in order to walk into a room, you have to open the door. But in a fantasy setting, you can enter the room however you want. Literally anything goes.

Pretty much like how this is only possible in Fairy Tail:


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He revealed that he made Taurus super powerful because he is a Taurus himself: