T: Unboxing Kogi!!

Since this year, we will be doing the 366 days of nendo challenge (follow us on instagram!) I bought a new nendoroid from our friend, Hubbyte Toy Store.

My colleague, Yani has an unopened Saber nendoroid and asked me how to make the nendo portable. That is why I am writing this tutorial. I get to open my Kogitsunemaru nendo with you!

I pre-ordered this from Hubbyte way back in May 2015 and they had this special price if I send my order before the deadline. If not, I’d have to pay the regular price. Since the pre-order is so early, I only have to place a down payment of 500 and take my time saving for the rest of the price (the next payment is a month before the arrival: November).


This is it when opened. The first thing after opening is to take note if the pieces are complete and make sure the pieces have no damage.


There are some who wrap the pieces in fabric for storage. We do this so that the pieces don’t rub on each other, get marks and scratches or have the paint rubbed. I find cloth to be too restrictive and stocky so I personally go with zip lock bags.

DSC_0065 DSC_0072

Then I section them into the smallest batches. Face plates, arms + swords, stand + extra neck joint and Konnosuke gets his own bag.


I make sure that the container would fit nicely in any bag I would use. There is a special bag for this nendoroid with his colors and logo all around. I did not get it but it could be neat for some people out there. I do get worried about the face in this because it could get dirty a lot.


There is really nothing to close this so I would just talk to you about my new years experience. I was out in Glorietta and ate at the Food Court at G4. There was this couple assembling a gundam right there and I thought it was nice. Just before they left, I also whipped out my nendoroid.