B: 2016 will be full of new things

Even a few months before welcoming the new year, we at Otaku Asia has already been planning new things for Otaku Asia. Our friends had even started asking about our event, O-kun Fiesta. There are even those who are asking for more content. We are happy to announce that we plan to make Otaku Asia even better this 2016. Personally, we’ve also upgraded our equipment to improve your OA experience.

First things first, I recently bought a DSLR (named D33; pronounced “dee”). My days as a putographer has started. Unless I take a full course on photography, I will only be an amateur compared to our partner and photographer, TRI EYE. He will stay as our official photographer because my gear will focus on other projects.

One of those projects is the #366daysnendo challenge. Our friend, ahnpan, attempted this challenge and could not finish it. With 3 nendoroid owners in the OA team and a new partner, Hubbyte Toy Store in the horizon, nothing can stop us (we pray).

  • The 366 days of nendoroid challenge is done on our Instagram Account.
  • Every post is automatically posted on our Twitter and FB Account.
  • We welcome shameless plugs on our challenge: you can send us your artwork, merchandise, picture, etc. that you want us to include on a day. You can make us greet you on your birthday, plug your shop, make us greet someone for you, etc!! You only need to send us the details through mail (otakuasiaanimemag@gmail.com) or PM us on our Facebook Page.

While that project aims to promote the Instagram account and our online presence, we also wish to start writing more tutorial articles here on our website. The first of the tutorial is related to the project above: nendoroid. I’ve already taken the pictures for the article (got way too excited with the new camera) and this could be a sneak preview. Can you guess what the tutorial will be?

DSC_0072 (2)

Another will be new partners for the magazine. We are looking forward to a year with Perry in Disguise. New partners will bring about a new content for the magazine and we are looking forward to more friends joining the family. We are really excited for them.

We once did a ‘7 days to Christmas’ countdown and now we are doing a Christmas Giveaway. If you haven’t entered an entry yet, you can still do at this link until January 20. If you don’t win, don’t worry because we have more stuff to giveaway for the rest of the year. While we always could not make time to do a giveaway last year (and all the gifts piled up) we promise to do it more often this year. Thanks to applications like Gleam and Rafflecopter for making it easier.

Last and not the least, O-kun Fiesta. While we aim to keep the Fiesta during the fiesta month of May, we should also remember that the country will be having it’s elections. We ask for your cooperation to bear with us. We don’t know how long the tallying will be over and when will we get a new President but your safety is important to us so we promise to schedule the Fiesta accordingly. Vote!

As a side note, it may be late but do you want us to release the Otaku Asia 2016 Planner? We designed a planner back in October but it did not get pushed through. We can still release it as a downloadable content if you wish it. Tell us!

To wrap it up: nendoroid, Instagram, tutorials, Perry in Disguise, giveaways, elections, 2016 planner. See you online or on events!