R: Up in the skies, a golf ball?!!?

Last month was the open beta test of the new mobile game from Japan here in the Philippines. We were very lucky to have to tried it out~

Screenshot 2015-12-03 14.46.51

Never played golf? It’s no big deal! In Eagle, you get to play with just your Android smart phones and fast fingers.

Obtaining a 4.5-star user review on Google Play and garnering a score of 97% for its fun factor during its Japanese release, Eagle Fantasy Golf is poised to open its unique take on the sport of golf to the global market. Eagle’s look and feel oozes with a Japanese style similar to our favorite Anime shows. The art illustration was done by Akinashu Yuu, a famous Japanese illustrator who made Love Election and Chocolate.

Even before teeing off, I could tell that it would have some anime style elements. There is an NPC named Fio who would teach you the gameplay and general instructions around the application. She is surrounded by cats all the time which made her my favorite NPC so far.

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A golf game

True pinoy gamers would at least be familiar with another golf online game from Korea. Knowing that, playing Eagle should be easy peasy. Thanks to smart phones and touchscreens, teeing off is made much more easier and fun. The game visuals are both cute and informative. Though their font confused us when we thought the + sign was a star. I mean, of course it’s not a star. What were we thinking.

Screenshot 2015-12-03 15.16.46

Then there is this challenging rank system that pairs you with random players of the same class. The lowest class is D with eggs as symbol. You battle with someone to promote up from D to D+ then to D++. With each promotion, you will be given prizes and items. Next would be C (chick?), B (bald eagle?) and A (albatross).

If you’re asking why these are relates to birds well, it’s because they’re golf terms.

Screenshot 2015-12-03 14.58.53

Basic Eagle Fantasy Golf terms

Par– ‘normal’. Every hole/course is given set numbers of stroke. This is the normal number. You’ll be given 1000 PP (play points).

Birdie – meaning a score of one stroke under par. If you manage to get the ball in the hole with “-1” par, you’ll be given 4000 PP. e.g Par is 5. You get the hole with only 4 strokes

Eagle – a score of two under par for a given hole. “-2” par. In Eagle is equal to 7000 PP

Albatross – is the term for three under par. “-3” par. In Eagle is equal to 10,000 PP

Hole in One – obviously. In Eagle is equal to 14,000 PP

Bogey – is when you get stroke more than par. “+1” and so on. In golf, less strokes, the better. In Eagle, they will actually minus 500 pp for bogeys.

Screenshot 2015-12-03 15.12.02

What is fashion??

Common game  problem is the attire of your character. People would always choose high stats than how it looks on the character. For a long time, my character dressed outlandish and almost like a delinquent.

Screenshot 2015-12-03 14.49.31

As a newbie, you will get items from basic lotto and when you get high scores on single play. You’ll need great luck and determination to earn enough CP to try the premium and starter box lotto which gives you good items right off the stroke.

Screenshot 2015-12-03 14.48.26

Mind your stats and your level. Rank class is secondary. If you have low stats and low level, you will barely survive the matches. Take it from me, there are veterans out there. Your best bet is to learn from them by remembering which club they used, how strong and which direction. In one field, there could be five possible routes to get to the hole quickly. Learn them.

Eagle events

Since the game is now launched in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia, the developer, Aiming Inc. is constantly making your game experience better with events! Right now, there is a seasonal event, Yuletide Surprise, Fio’s CP Bonus Surprise and Know the Game.

Participation could grant you more CP, Lucky Tee, items and gold.

Screenshot 2015-12-03 15.04.29


We are addicted. Purely because there isn’t a game out there that is as nearly as competitive and readily available as this. As someone who has a low memory space in her phone, I would rather not make an effort to use VPN and all that just to play a game. There is also this beta player who is getting on our nerves because they are too good. The competitiveness motivates us.

Screenshot 2015-12-03 15.25.46

While my most favorite feature in the old Korean golf game was the real-time weather effects, Eagle did not disappoint with their visuals. You could tell that the course will be hard because the setting is nighttime or sundown. The courses are also fun to play on because of the setting. There is a snowy field, floating islands, candies and even a Japanese setting.

While there is no word if and when the game will be available in the App Store for IOS, they will just have to stay jealous because Android users are having a blast playing one of the most expensive game in real life digitally for FREE~

Who knew such an old timey boring sport could be this fun?