R: The Soldier of Destruction!!

Because her title, Soldier of Destruction defines Sailor Galaxia when she fell under the influence of Chaos’ influence, it definitely does not give her justice.

In the anime, Sailor Galaxia was the most powerful Sailor Senshi in the galaxy, and as such fought in the Sailor Wars against Chaos. In the great final battle, she trapped Chaos and sealed it within herself in order to save the galaxy. However, Chaos was too strong for her and she realized that it would gradually overwhelm her. In order to protect herself against that threat, she removed her Star Seed and sent it out into the universe, telling it to find someone who would welcome it warmly.

As she fell under Chaos’ influence, Sailor Galaxia began to attack planets in the galaxy, destroying them and taking the true Star Seeds belonging to other Sailor Senshi. She gathered followers, the Sailor Animamates, in order to help her with this mission.

In the meantime, her Star Seed travelled long and far before it finally reached the Earth and found Usagi Tsukino. It then took the form of Chibi Chibi and masqueraded as Usagi’s sister. However, Galaxia’s Star Seed was the Light of Hope that Princess Kakyuu and the Sailor Starlightswere searching for in order to defeat the legendary Senshi. With the help of the Light of Hope, Princess Serenity fought against Sailor Galaxia, and finally managed to free her from Chaos’ influence. Galaxia then departed, leading all of the Star Seeds she had collected back to where they belonged.

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And now, she is available as a 1:6 figure by E2046. Pre Order for her is now ongoing and ends on 20th Jan 2016.

She looks glorious!