R: Driving the Millenium Falcon

Star Wars is not otaku, but WHO IS NOT A STAR WARS FAN??? Even babies want some of that lightsaber action. THE HYPE IS REAL.

Imagine my reaction when I found out that Timezone PH has rolled in the STAR WARS Battle Pod arcade.

It was released back in 2014 but we never caught sight of it in our shores but with the hype generated by the new movie, thanks JJ Abrams, everyone in the world is getting into the fandom. In the NYCC 2015 that we did not get to go to, they released the “flat screen edition” and was expected to be out in stores by fall.

I’ve seen Timezone PH trashing the arcade version of Project DIVA because it did not get many players. (I played it once but did not have the right camera. When I came back to take photos, they’ve shut it down and I wasn’t able to write an article.) We pray that this one stays and stays for good. Because TZ games tend to get cheaper in time.

Right now, a game is worth P 30.

Me and my brother tried the multiplayer mode. Here he is in single player:
DSCN3711 DSCN3704 DSCN3714

He says that it was very difficult to understand at the start. We had to play a second, third time, to get the hang of it and it would cost you. The mission instructions were given to you too fast. You barely have time to process what to do. The courses were also limited to only 5. All in all, it was great to finally know how Luke did all those flying and riding in the movies. The courses were based on actual battle scenes in the episodes which makes you feel like you are actually there. I was so into it that I would move my body to the movement of the “ship” even though all the chair does is vibrate and emit sound effects.

Star Wars Battle Pod is playable in Timezone Arcade SM Mall of Asia. My highest solo ranking was 47 (as KN) while my brother (as POP) went as high as 3rd.

This really set us in the mood for next week’s event, Toy Fair 2015. Since the organizers have announced that they are working with Disney PH to give you the best Star Wars Toy Fair experience. We expect to see 501st legion and the Philippine Lightsaber Guild.