R: Checking out Cosplay Amino


I was in the middle of writing an article about a specific international cosplayer when while browsing her timeline, I saw that she told her fans to add her on #cosplayamino. With Adlet-level detective skills, (Adlet from seriously,-watch-Rokka-no-Yuusha) I figured out that it’s a phone app that is almost like Tumblr and because it’s focused on cosplayers, it’s like a Cure account (???).

No time for vague descriptions.

We went in and tried it (as guest).

First of all, this is developed by Amino Games. They have been making mobile community apps for all sorts! They’ve covered Movies, TV, Video Games, Music, Fashion Art, Sports, Hobbies and more. We also appreciated that Cosplay Amino was filed under Fashion rather than Hobbies.


First you have this side menu. The News Feed is of course your feed. If you follow other cosplayers, their posts will automatically appear here in a timeline. Since we did not apply for an account, we never found out the difference between Public Chats and Forum. Can we assume that public chats are with followers and forum for everyone? Discover is basically seeing the whole universe of Cosplay Amino posts and updates.

No clue if the interface could be changed into another color. GM Yani would have enjoyed pink and I’d love green any day.

Other than these, the rest of the menu was promoting Amino games and apps. They also had a nice tutorial at the bottom on how things work inside the app.


Based on the featured posts, cosplayers here are enjoying the weekly challenges. This week is Comic so we saw a lot of DC and Marvel characters. However, will they be able to keep up with a cosplayer’s passion and dutifully make a challenge every week, we can’t tell. As far as apps go, if the company is not getting much revenue, they become lax and lazy.

We mentioned at the start that this app resembles Tumblr. Well, yes. Because you can post a long text post or a gallery (no videos… yet?). The app also supports gif files. Cosplayers have been using this to post their progress shots and tutorials. This would be greatly appreciated in the cosplay community as a good tutorial is hard to look for in the vast interwebs. Cosplayers are also able to comment on each blog post and so far, we have seen very positive remarks. Since there is no option of ‘incognito’ user (that Tumblr has), we see no reason why there should be haters on this small community.

If you view a cosplayer’s profile, you will see their followers, a short bio, links to their accounts, the posts that they favorited (no, not ‘liked’) and their blog (the posts that they have put up). There was also the tag for Forum which should show the forum posts that the cosplayer has started but we haven’t seen much users doing this.

While we are not yet ready to make an account and join the growing community, we look forward to the growth of this app as it is the first of it’s kind (for cosplay). We hope to see a lot of you Otafans trying out this app.

The app is available for both from the App Store and Google Play with a basic 6MB size. Depending on how much you use it, we think that this will grow in time. Remember to have fun and be respectful.