B: Cosplayers should learn a thing or two from VampyBit Me this APCC

Linda Le, Vampy, Vamp. VampyBit Me is an American cosplayer, model and artist who started cosplay at a young age of 12. In another interview, she had said that she does not see herself to be cosplaying forever and wishes to have launched her own line of costumes and other career related to the arts. Vampy has a business degree from San Jose University and studied hairstyling from Paul Mitchell’s the U.S. and at Toni & Guy in London as well as in Tokyo.

vampy bit me

As the days to AsiaPOP Comic Con shortens, we are grateful to have the opportunity to ask her a few questions:

What can you say to cosplayers who aim to make cosplay their career?

I would have to say that even though I do this full time, I also have my own clothing line, and work with Namco/Bandai on a few projects. So I don’t think it’s a possible career for most. The majority of time is all work. We are in the business of making things look easy,but behind it is 100’s of hours of work, lack of sleep, and reality is, a lot of patience. I think if you are aiming to be famous, its not going to be a happy life, but if your aim is like mine, to create art and do the best you can, that shall be a reward in itself, and the rest is bonus.

Her clothing line is Fiend or Fauxx.

What do you look most forward to when you come to the Philippines?

I love meeting all the people! I love the Philippines and I adore how passionate they are about their fandom. I also admire all the talent I meet in this country! The artist, the cosplayers, and most of all the fans who make me happy I do what I do.

Vampy attended another event last year and was greatly welcomed by fans. It was the said event’s first time to invite American cosplayers.

What do you expect from the very first CAGE contestants of the PH?

I would love to see them happy to be there and be ready to show their pride in their costumes they worked so hard on. I would expect nothing but their best face forward! I want to also see them smile, I love happy cosplayers.

Would we be able to see you cosplay as well?

Yes! I definitely will be cosplaying everyday!

VampyBit Me will be present from September 17-20, all days of the event!

What could you say about the cosplay community in the PH?

I love the PH cosplay community! I have not met anyone wearing armor that was complaining, or ever not proud of their work they did. I really enjoy seeing happy cosplayers in this country. They really know how to give a good show.

At the time when we were writing the questions for Vampy, a particular issue went around in the PH Cosplay community which also became the talk of the town. We went ahead and asked a professional opinion:

On the latest issue about cosplay being “elitist” when only the beautiful get to be invited and recognized?

I definitely think it is changing. There is so much talented cosplayers that have a different style than others that the internet is embracing. I am actually a fan of people who take a character and make it their own. I think the elitist mindset is negative, so I try not to focus on that when people talk about it, and talking about staying creative and focused on people who just want to get better at their craft. If we had more of those people, I think it wouldn’t be such a problem, definitely finger pointing is nothing positive. Keep progressing and supporting real artists!

We hope you enjoyed reading her replies! You can catch her at APCC during The CAGE this September 17-20 at the World Trade Center.

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