E: New artists I will stalk from now on

by kanddy

First of all, I came alone and did not expect to see friends or whatever but you never know so I’d like to thank Guia of omgkomiks.blogspot.com who I spotted and we accompanied each other in the end. Secondly, I did not read the list of artists because I wanted to meet them in person so most these komiks that I will introduce are firsts. Never been to Indieket (only Komikon) or Komiket so zero expectations whatsoever.


This is the floor plan. In every convention, we always tell to snake your way through all the booths before purchasing. For Komikon, we have Beerkada Comics’ Lyndon Gregorio, Zam Designs’ Jon Zamar and Sherry Baet-Zamar, Lei Muncal, Ariel Atienza and Patrick Jungco. The Komikon bag this year is pink and there was an ongoing photo contest where you show off your bag and purchases, chosen ones get prizes of course. Is komiks having a video commercial a thing? Because it was happening on the projector and it was awesome.

Sponsors maketh the event: Nautilus Comics, Artwhale.ph (who showed us this amazing thing called, Peerless Transparent Watercolor and my mind is blown, i want it. I want all my friends to get together and get me this for my birthday.), Pockets Fulla Pillz, Craft Carrot (who also had art stuffs that I want to have so bad), Komiket (tickets are now for sale), Yourcomicshop, Resurgent Publishing, Cadimus Prime Collectibles, Goethe Institut Manila (who had German comic books),  Comic Odyssey who blank covers… like of characters that I love… so tempted to buy… BUT I WAS HERE FOR THE INDIES!!!

The thing with me is I adore komiks that are cartoon or, in a sense, not manga-style. I respect artist styles but it’s just not my cup of tea when it comes to komiks (Kubori Kikiam, Trese, Kikomachine, Tabi Po are examples of komiks I like off the top of my head). So here we go:


This one made a wave in my timeline not too long ago when a friend shared one of Rizal Ligaw Tips. Rizal for me is special not because he is the National Hero (which could actually be someone else), but because my birthday coincided with his death anniversary. Additionally, their logo is singkamas with bagoong which is my favorite street food. God bless Ligaya. They had a giveaway of character stickers during Free Comic Day in BGC but I could not make it, I HAD TO BE THERE FOR THE FIRST ISSUE.


Love the lineart. Love the art. She also managed to draw Luneta almost four times without it being too detailed or too comical. Whatever brush settings artist Fatima Bergonia uses, it is magic. As if she plays with the sizes as she goes. I’d say congratulations because THEY SOLD OUT AND WAS TOP SELLER so expect them in November Komikon if you haven’t bought. If they are reading this, langyang part wan na yang nakakabitin!!!


I want you to take note that Ligaya artist came from UST and this next one is also from UST. I’m from UST and so is Guia. REPRESENT!! *ahem* So, Kyusi is a company of three people, two of them my friends. Their comics: P.E. Day! (which is said to return this year but did not make an appearance… yet. Hoy, ano petsa na?), Mono Kuro (which I hoarded because I wasn’t able to buy last time) and Gaming Fridays (one that is new to me).


I bought Mono Kuro The Broken Bridge (1 & 2), Mono Kuro Through the Forest and its stickers. Mono Kuro is a silent comic, meaning there are no dialogues, of an unlikely hero, Momiji (a rabbit with a red scarf) against beasts called Kuromono. Lineart that is just adorable just like Momiji. Artist is Cy Venvivil who I started to stalk way back in 2011 and is keeping my FB timeline entertained (he shares good artists, cartoons, videos, artworks). The comic is black and white but you have to see Cy’s color skills. Just. SKILLS MEHN.

11908089_1016143885070686_1712157362_n (1)

Now I’ve never met Tristan before (but his name is familiar… maybe Milo or Cy mentioned him. /eh) and he made Gaming Fridays which is a comic about three dorm mates (?) who are gamers. Is there a thing about furries, Kyusi? Anyway, I read this and was grinning from ear to ear. I play games too so a lot of these are relatable like missing exams (do not do this), getting bored on parties and gatherings and preferring juice to beer on game nights (because sugar is what you want, not alcohol). I enjoyed it so I looked up the artist on FB and HOLY S- I WANT YOUR PRINTS ON… can’t put sticky stuff on the wall so… ON A CLEAR FOLDER. Please follow him on Facebook.



Their display was cute because they had this 3D clay (?) art glued to small frames but was over my budget so… next time? Anyway, the komik is And Badass na Buhay ni Lam-ang by Carlorozy Clemente who I found out is from TBWA/SMP (an advertising company I once aspired to be in, omg). Now this is written in my language: walangyang tagalog (taglish slurs with cuss: shet, pramis, kingina, madafaka, napaka-badass). The art is amazing. Just whaw. The shadows are not entirely black, most are shaded in lines, which made the comic real to me. The story was described as “a weird acidic version of the classic story of Lam-Ang” and I agree. There have been many comics about the Filipino epic, Lam-ang and I haven’t read any of them but this one retelling it like it is in a very expressive way.

I bought a few stickers from Ellezier who made the framed clay art. I did not get a picture of it but her behance account is a click away. I wonder if I could commission her to make tarot cards. Her illustrations are amazing.



Adorable? Creepy? I don’t know how to describe his art but I BOUGHT ALL OF THEM COMICS. It’s not everyday I see comics this size (4.something x 5.5 inches) and with colored covers so I grabbed them all. He was like, “OK! Good! :D” and I was like “I am so excited about this, I forgot to have you sign it” (orz) I can’t go over all the books so I’ll just go with my favorite one, Ang Roomate kong Aswang. Each page has a maximum of four panels and even then, he had generous margins (at this size!!) and the jokes are funny. The story even had an alternate ending. When I said I like cartoony comics, this was it. I will follow you bro. (update: Sinigang, Ang Roomate and Minsan Gusto ko Magwala sold out in Indieket!)



I know him by reputation because of melcasipit.com. He could make Family Guy or Simpsons style cartoon of you. But his own art is much simpler and somehow looked like he illustrates for an actual cartoon. On the right was done by Kai Castillo of https://kaicastle.wordpress.com/ (Thank you for correcting me, Mel~). It’s a postcard of Filipinos in Filipiniana and Philippine animals (kalabaw and agila) with modern technology (if I remember, the agila was above some Google map and the kalabaw was typing on a computer).

#cheesyfit 2 follows #cheesyfit 1 (duh) and are a compilation of pickup lines and artworks of his and of other illustrators. “Kahit hindi ako si Batman, ako bahala sa iyo” might get you laughing but will also get you blushing (eeeh, eeh~ …landi.)


Alphario was there and a really big Spot plushie (not for sale) what I wanted (again, not for sale). Last year they won Best Serialized Comic Book (Grassroots) in Komikon Awards.

Pugad Baboy 27 was out and for sale. AX Zero Genesis Issue 5 was out (Prequel of AX series from Funny Comics). Guia was introducing me to her usual suspects and I just did not know any of them. She was the komiks expert, I’m just a fan of some and a lot of indie.

As a whole, Indieket did not have enough guests. There were fewer people than the regular Komikon and selling was tough for some. I saw a lot of prints, button pins, stickers and posters which was wonderful because it could give additional profit. Ligaya, pwede yung logo nyo, keychain? I lab singkamas. The paper used are also improving and the ink!! Though I expected more cartoony comics of my liking, I used up all my budget (and more) and that meant something… KOMIKS ARE PRICELESS.


If you don’t want to read further, you may. Work ends there. The ‘blog’ part starts (kanina pa actually) officially here:

I AM SO SORRY. I SHOULD HAVE READ THE CATALOG. I DID NOT KNOW. Our long time Otaku Asia friend, Arme-chan, her comic, Demon March was there. AND I DID NOT SEE IT. I did not get to move close to that specific table because every time I do, there were a lot of people and I could not squeeze in. Was it me? Did I not see your posts? OMG. SHAAAAAAAAME.

There was this cool print from Ronin Panda Comics that remind you of 5 centimeters per second. The skyline, the telephone poles, etc. It was amazing but I DID NOT GET IT because I wanted to keep my hands free until the end of the day (it was big and would occupy my hand. I put all my purchases in a backpack) AND I FORGOT TO RESERVE IT?!! Idiot.

I was looking for Robots and Cereals?? But I guess they are busy with their toy. I hope to see them Toycon.

That is all!