T: Kokkuri-san

Some of the OA staff are cosplayers and so we tend to cosplay together or plan a cosplay for an event we will cover (like, the next one is the Tamashii Convention).


TamaCon is a matsuri themed convention so I will go as Kokkuri-san from Gugure Kokkuri-san. (I also cosplay only white-haired characters, thank you Cosmic Bytes for all my wigs)

This is a tutorial on how I am going to make that costume. This also serves as a review on how well yousai.net, my source of pattern and tutorial site, is.

So now, I have to do stuff:

  1. Draw a simplified layout of the clothes I will sew

    img src: yousai.net
  2. Measure self to find how many yards of cloth I must buy
  3. Divi day:
    (click image for bigger size)
    Divi day:

    1. Ilaya st.- Light Blue cotton 3.5 yds
    2. Ilaya st.- Dark blue for neck and arms 1 yd
    3. Ilaya st.- White 4 yds
    4. Ilaya st.- Red 1yd
    5. Tabora st.- That big bell
  4. Pattern. I actually did not use a pattern… I followed this tutorial. Just use Google Translate to English.
  5. Sewing. I used this tutorial. Please also watch these videos: 1, 2, 3.
  6. Maybe I want to color the haori… because Kokkuri-san has this haori that is lightblue but is blue at the bottom, this is a tutorial on how to dye your fabric with a ombre effect.
  7. Done!

I am still debating when I’ll post the finished product.

Points to put out:

  • Make the Eri from this tutorial LONGER. It says 150cm by 11cm. I followed this and even added a centimeter allowance but it was still short and made the collar awkward. I suggest you make it 180cm.
  • Don’t measure your arm length from your shoulder. The body of the yukata is big and usually extends over your shoulder. So when you sew the sleeves, it will be long. Pattern and cut the sleeves only after you’ve sewn the body. Wear the body to see where the end of the shoulder is.
  • Iron, iron, iron. I know it’s expensive to plug the iron every now and then. So schedule your sewing day the same day as your iron day so you can iron your clothes at the same time. Some of the parts (like the sleeves and collar) needs to be put on carefully and with folds so iron is important.

Overall, the website is helpful. Keep in mind that their tutorial is only for cosplay. They do not follow the traditional yukata / kimono making. Other than the fact that some lines were wrongly translated by Google, it’s still understandable and there are illustrations and videos to help you.

We will try other tutorials by yousei.net soon.