B: Event planning starts today!

During the last quarter of last year, we already knew that there would be a Otaku Asia event. PSICOM has given us the green light to start planning on it. Personally, I’ve been waiting for this moment. Even the team already have talked about the name of the event since way back in 2013.

However, we did not have time last year to plan about the event. We only had a vision… maybe less than a vision, a dream. We were first and foremost magazine editors. We write, edit, layout and cosplay on the side. Event planning? Not so much. The last event I organized was for a school organization and that’s nothing compared to a big convention like what we have now.

So the event was new. It was a blessing when a new PSICOM employee was hired. Sir Mark used to be in sales for Viva. Since the boom of Wattpad books, he started organizing events and soon, PSICOM takes him as event organizer and marketing. Perfect mentor.

Yesterday, we had a meeting regarding the setup of an event. We covered a lot of topics from theme, manpower to floor plan. Yani and I learned a lot today and will learn more in the months to come. First of all, I have to clarify with the OA staff of some things.

Since this is an Otaku Asia event, I can’t rely on my opinion alone, I want to hear from the team that has molded what Otaku Asia has become. Later at noon, I will meet with the whole team (team building activity!!) for their opinions, concerns and insights. Assign roles during the event and finalize the theme. Then we approve on the redesigns of Otaku Asia mascots, Ochibii-sama and Sochii-kun made by our artist Xander.

We rest (calm before the storm) during the long weekend before we start on the event. Next week will be intense. I have confidence in the OA team and PSICOM. We will give the otaku community an event to remember!