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Please Don’t Forget About Me


People are known for cherishing the moments and memories that they have with their loved ones. If it is forgotten, it makes the person that you have shared moments with feel hurt. How would you deal with your life if the moments and memories that you’ve shared with your loved one gets forgotten every now and then?

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The story takes place in a sanatorium for vampires located in the woods. Lily, our heroine looks out for her friend Sylvatica however, no one remembers and know her; as if she didn’t exist. Snow, the elegant and cold resident of the sanatorium revealed that she knew Sylvatica but she gave her an advice that she should stop looking for Sylvatica because it will be hopeless. Is Snow connected to the disappearance of Sylvatica and who is the culprit of having everyone’s memory in the Sanatorium change and made forget her aside from Lily and Snow.

 Lilium_Morning_Musume_castMorning Musume ’15 Members: Oda Sakura as Sylvatica, Kudo Karuka as False, Ishida Ayumi as Cherry, Sayashi Riho as Lily, Fukumura Mizuki as Lindou, Sato Masaki as Marguerite, Suzuki Kanon as Rose.


Lilium: Shoujo Junketsu Kageki is a goth musical starred by selected members of an all girl groups Morning Musume ’15 and Angerme. It was written and directed by Suemitsu Ken’ichi. Only 2 characters have the male role. The names of the characters were based from flowers so most of the lyrics of the songs in the musical uses the term “hana” (flower) and its characteristics.

JryMvBsfma3Cj2tp09xWm7CJXaYAngerme Members: Fukuda Kanon as Silane, Katsuna Rina as Nasturtium. Wada Ayaka as Snow, Tamura Meimi as Marigold, Takeuchi Akari as Cattleya, Nakanishi Kana as Camellia.


The musical itself was fantastic. The cast was able to play the parts and roles that were given to each of them. The fans most probably thought that the male role will be given to Takeuchi Akari but instead, it was given to Nakanishi Kana which suited to her because he really looked like an ikemen and also her deep voice contributed to it. Kuudo Haruka did a great performance also in acting male character. Despite from having a mature theme, they also have comedy scenes that did a great job from making the audience laugh thanks especially to Ishida Ayumi. Let’s solve the mystery behind the  disappearance of Sylvatica together with Lily on Lilium: Shoujo Junketsu Kageki.

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