E: Cosplay Costume of the Year

Guess what? Its back! Cosplay.ph’s Cosplay Costume of the Year is now open for nominations, but this time we are honoring not just the costume, or the cosplayer who wore them, but also the photographer who took the time to immortalize the costume!

Check out the rules for submission of photo nominations to be posted tomorrow. This time we will be asking for high resolution photos as we will have a nice surprise to announce in the coming weeks.

Starting January 17, send your nominations to ccy@cosplay.ph!

Be sure to read the rules and understand them fully before sending a photo for nominations.
There are five (5) categories for CCY 2014. They are as follows:
1) Best Male Costume of 2014
2) Best Female Costume of 2014
3) Best Child Costume of 2014 (Age 12 or below)
4) Best Creature (Robot, Mecha, or Monster) Costume of 2014
5) Best Crossplay Costume of 2014
1) Start of submission of Nominations is on January 17 to March 15, 2015. Nominations can be made by anyone who has personally seen the costume. Cosplay costume owners are allowed to nominate themselves and photographers are allowed to submit several submissions. Nominations will be restricted to costumes debuted in an event or photoshoot in 2014 in the Philippines.

2) Nominations are made by e-mailing a high resolution photo (at least 1MB in size) to ccy@cosplay.ph. Photos must have very minimal photo manipulation, such as lighting, exposure and color correction. Photos with evidence of heavy photo manipulation will be disqualified.

3) The e-mail must have the subject “CCY 2014 Nomination“. In addition to the photo, the e-mail must contain the following information:
* Category they are entering in (ie. Best Male, Best Female, etc.)
* The full name and contact (email, FB page, blog, phone number) of the individual who owns the costume.
* The name of the Cosplay Costume (character and series)
* The full name and contact (email, FB page, blog, phone number) of the Photographer
* What event the costume debuted in (also include the date of the event) or the location of the photoshoot the costume was taken (please include location barangay/village and city, example “Valle Verde, Pasig City”. Location description of “My house” and the like will not be accepted)

4) If the Nomination is approved, it will be uploaded to the appropriate online album for voting at a schedule to be announced in the future. If it is not accepted, a reply e-mail will be sent explaining why it was not approved. Fraudulent information or a misrepresentation of the entry will be grounds for immediate disqualification.

5) If, at a later date, you would want the photo swapped. Please send another e-mail with the new photo with the subject “CCY 2014 Nomination Photo Swap“. Swapped photos will lose all the votes they have already garnered.

6) On March 15, 2015, nominations will be closed and Finalists will be selected by the Cosplay.ph judges, to be uploaded on Google+ Galleries (link to be provided soon). Criteria as follows:
> Craftsmanship (up 40 points)
– determined by the way the costume is made through use of materials and skill in building the costume
> Creativity (up to 30 points)
– determined by the way the final costume is executed with details, which also includes how it is presented in the photograph.
> Difficulty Level (up to 20 points)
– determined by the difficulty of the character design chosen, the overall layout of the photo and the technical difficulties of the photoshoot setup.

7) On March 17, 2015 voting will begin for the Top Finalists.

8) Google +1’s Category will be based on how many +1’s (similar to Likes) the photo receives as opposed to the total number of likes this page has.
1 to 100 likes = 2 points
101 to 200 likes = 4 points
201 to 300 likes = 6 points
301 to 400 likes = 8 points
401 to 500 likes = 10 points
501 to 600 likes = 12 points
601 to 700 likes = 14 points
701 to 800 likes = 16 points
801 to 900 likes = 18 points
901 to 1000 likes = 20 points

9) Online Voting will end on March 30, 2014 9pm.

10) Finalists for each category will be computed by the following criteria to determine the winners:
> Craftsmanship (up 20 points)
> Creativity (up to 20 points)
> Difficulty Level (up to 10 points)
Craftsmanship, Creativity and Difficulty = 50% of score to be determined by a new set of judges
> Google Likes (up to 50% score)
2 points = 5%
4 points = 10%
6 points = 15%
8 points = 20%
10 points = 25%
12 points = 30%
14 points =35%
16 points = 40%
18 points = 45%
20 points = 50%

11) Venue of Awarding to be announced.

12) All qualifications listed above must be satisfied. Cosplay.ph reserves the right to disqualify any individual who does not meet the requirements or who misrepresents any of the information.

13) Judges’ decision is final.

General Information
Welcome to the annual Cosplay Costume of the Year Awards for the Philippines organized by Cosplay.ph. Like last year, voting will be done in Google+ to provide access to more votes.

To qualify:
* The costume must have debuted in an event within the year 2014 in the Philippines.
* The costume must be a complete costume that was partial or wholly fabricated/commissioned, and not purchased outright as a whole set from a department store or specialty store.
* Winning a contest is not grounds for qualification.
Remember, we are nominating the COSTUME and not the COSPLAYER. As such Cosplayers are allowed to nominate several costumes if they have made more than one during the year 2014.

Looking forward to seeing the best of the best for the year 2014!