T: Cosplanner Part 1

Last December14-January2015 Issue, we wrote a news article about the application, cosplanner, the app for cosplanners and cosplanners designed and developed by Cato Kasunagi. Now we will teach you how to use it effectively.

First of all, download the application “COSPLANNER” from the App Store or Google Play. Then like and follow the facebook page for updates!

1 List
Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-48-15This is the first thing you will see upon opening the app.

Start by pressing on the PLUS SIGN on the upper left side of the screen.






2 Adding a cosplay


Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-41-55 Input the CHARACTER’S NAME and the SERIE’S NAME. Then set the date when you started planning on this cosplay. I could be set on an earlier date.






Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-42-10 Now you are set to add elements on your cosplay. Elements are things that you need to complete the costume. For example, wig, fabric and rubber sheet.

Again, click on the PLUS SIGN.






Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-43-37Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-43-48 You will be asked whether the element is to be bought or to be made.

Element to buy is those things  that are already ready to be used such as wig, shoes, etc.

Element to make are those needing raw materials. Example are top, skirt, headdress that need fabric, thread, beads, jewels or feathers.



Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-44-06Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-44-29 Next is the display picture. Just click on the gray cosplanner logo and upload your picture.







Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-44-50 Screenshot_2014-10-29-17-44-33 Put as many reference images you want!







Stand by for the part 2 of this tutorial. Meanwhile, check out the app on your own since it’s very much free!